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Artemundi Global Fund was active from 2010 – 2015

Art Funds: Diversified Low-correlated Alternative Investment Vehicle suitable for Portfolio Optimization. Hedging inflation and currency fluctuations.

Artemundi Global Fund (AGF) was originally designed in 2008 by a team of accomplished art collectors that understood the nature and behavior of the underlying asset as very few people do. Soon, it opened to investors and joint venturers to share and enjoy some of the top artworks from around the world while giving them the security that their investment was protected and productive. As a result of years of achievements, AGF’s management has mastered this investment alternative and has a track record to prove it.  AGF is led by Javier Lumbreras, a fifth-generation art collector and author of the book The Art of Collecting Art.

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Artemundi Global Fund Timeline

Artemundi Sets Industry Standards for Art-Investment Funds

  • AGF is an institutionalized art-investment vehicle that brings transparency to the market through:
    1. Accountability
    2. Reliability
    3. Compliance & KYC protocols
    4. Rigorous due diligence
    5. Reporting
    6. Accurate valuations
    7. Arm’s-length transactions
    8. Fiduciary responsibility like no other professional in the art industry
  • AGF is an institutionalized art-investment vehicle that brings efficiency to the market through:
    1. Reduction of general and administrative costs by perfecting economies of scale
    2. Becoming a one-stop shop
    3. Sourcing the right experts
    4. Diversified and well targeted art portfolio.
    5. The ability to discretely negotiate and purchase artworks in a swift and efficient manner.
    6. Exponentially increase the ability to attract direct sellers eliminating redundant commissions
    7. Selectively place certain assets back in the market at the appropriate intervals, directly or with best-in-kind dealers
  • AGF is an institutionalized art investment vehicle that critically reduces risk to the market by eliminating or neutralizing:
    1. Authenticity risk
    2. Title risk
    3. Investment risk
    4. Casualty risk
    5. Currency-fluctuations risk
    6. Macroeconomic risk or uncertainty
  • Art Securitization:
    1. Quantifying performance of art as an asset class
    2. Transforming single art assets into strategically reliable and quantifiable portfolios
    3. Securing risks
    4. Receiving investment grades
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